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Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) offers members and visitors access to certain online forums – such as the Career Club, Telenetworking Forum, Community Corner, Job Board, and Chat Room – for the purpose of developing relationships, promoting opportunities, sharing information, and building credibility. These forum guidelines apply to both CPC’s main site – and member site –

We strictly adhere to Career Professionals of Canada’s Terms of UsePrivacy Policy, and Standards and Ethics.

All content is moderated, which means that your profile, posts, and activity are monitored for approved content by our moderators.

These forums are for the use and enjoyment of all members. Always adhere to these ethical rules of engagement:

  • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user name, password and any other account access information that may be provided to you. Do not provide your user name and password to others. Our forums and their benefits are for you. More importantly, by keeping your password private, you will help ensure that your identity will not be used by other people in a way that does not represent you well.
  • Maintain your authenticity. Display your real name and truthful information you would like to share.  Do not use pseudonyms or another person’s account for posting purposes.
  • You are responsible for your own communications and the consequences of your postings to this site. It is not appropriate to copy and post articles, emails or other information without the express permission of the author. However, it is acceptable to include the link to an online article or reference a particular print article. Material protected under copyright may only be shared or reproduced with the express permission of the copyright owner. If you are posting outside material on this site, always get the approval of the writer and/or organization and attribute them.
  • Respect the privacy of others and refrain from sharing any identifying information regarding past, existing, or potential clients. For example, if you are discussing a problem with a client, provider, or colleague, do not name that person or where they work. Do not include any information that may help someone “figure out” who you are speaking about. You may feel the need to “vent” but don’t post anything that may convey negativity towards any other individual or organization. Instead, explain the problem and how you handled it or ask for advice from your colleagues.
  • Always conform to electronic etiquette. Please keep your content constructive, respectful, practical, and relevant. Do not violate any applicable law or infringe the rights of any other person. Never use language that may be considered harmful, profane, obscene, discriminatory, defamatory, hateful, abusive, threatening, or otherwise offensive to other members.
  • Do not send other members any kind of junk mail including spam, any type of unsolicited mass mail, marketing and sales pitch, or other kind of inappropriate e-mail.
  • This site and all of its content, including text, graphics, and images, are protected by Canadian and foreign copyright laws. You have authorization from CPC to review and download a copy of the material on the site solely for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not use content from this site for anything other than for non-commercial information purposes. Commercial use of this material without authorization from CPC may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws.
  • Certain online forums are for CPC members. We ask that you honour this by not providing others with direct links to these forums.

To ensure that the rules of engagement are enforced, moderators have the ability to edit, rename or delete any and/or all content posted to the forums. Repeat offenders will have their membership and/or all access to the site revoked by CPC.

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