How advanced resume training helped me innovate


By Lori Jazvac.

My recent article about resume brand engineering generated interesting discussion. It also inspired me to consider what brought about this new insight. It seems that many of my own innovations in resume writing started with one key program — Career Professionals of Canada’s Advanced Resume Development Certificate Program.

This certificate program enabled me to think about resume writing in an entirely new way. By aligning my services with today’s current trends, I have been able to enhance my own exposure and visibility in the career development field. More importantly, I am able to provide my clients with exceptional quality resume writing and career coaching services.

Through the program, I learned how to think innovatively about resume mechanics and design.

The Advanced Resume Development Certificate Program, instructed by Sharon Graham, empowered me to leverage fresh ideas and strategic resume writing techniques. In just a few short weeks, I increased my confidence while engaging in collaborative learning with my colleagues on best practices in resume writing.

This certificate program is a fully interactive five-week program (1o hours per week) through a distance education format – convenient for all resume practitioners wherever you reside. I found that the topics were relevant covering resume strategy, mechanics, design, and supporting documents. The asynchrononous discussion forums, self-study, and practical homework assignments helped me establish and achieve measurable goals. By applying these effective techniques, I acquired a solid foundation for resume marketing.

The application assignment was very helpful in preparing me to achieve the Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation. Since then, my client’s resumes have been nominated for Awards. I have also had the privilege of being selected to facilitate online chats, as well as present and write about innovations in resume writing.

As a direct result of this program, Sharon Graham and I collaborated to develop and introduce the concept of Resume Brand Engineering in the newest edition of The Canadian Resume Strategist.

As a career practitioner, you owe it to yourself – and to your clients – to apply the highest standards of excellence in your resume writing and career services.

CPC’s Advanced Resume Development Program is held to the most rigorous standards. All students must achieve a grade of at least 80% to successfully pass the course and be fully prepared to attain their Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation.

Whether you choose to rise to work towards the Career Development Practitioner Certificate Program (CDP), re-purpose your work in a complete portfolio, or even submit your work towards an Award of Excellence, your ability to reach your boundless potential is within your means.

There are a great number of resume writing courses and training programs for aspiring and existing career practitioners. But how many of those courses are effective in helping you craft a powerful resume that will showcase your client’s unique career brand? The key to determining the best resume training is to firstly, evaluate your learning and career development needs.

Once you’ve decided to embark on resume training, consider these questions:

  • Does the program deliver the absolute highest quality and meet the standards to which you aspire?
  • Will it help you build your resume with accreditation and new credentials?
  • Is the organization delivering the program well-respected and known in the Canadian career field?
  • Is the instructor known for expertise in writing resumes for various types of clients?
  • Does the program combine theory with adequate practice to help you incorporate the techniques you learn?
  • Is the program delivered in a format where you can maximize your learning at your convenience?
  • Does it offer a structure where you will progressively improve your resume writing competencies?
  • Does the program cover different situations and career-related obstacles?
  • Are the concepts aligned with your particular level?
  • Is the program content regularly revised to keep up with recent trends and formats?
  • Will you learn innovations such as resume brand engineering and ATS-friendly resume techniques?
  • Will it lead to a recognized certification in the resume writing industry?
  • Will it supply you with opportunities for continuous improvement and professional development?

Being able to answer the above questions with a definitive “yes” will help you to choose the right resume training program that meets your learning needs.

If you have already taken CPC’s Advanced Resume Development Program, feel free to share your success story and continue brushing up on your resume writing skills. If you are considering taking this interactive program, spread the word and mark the date on your calendar – there are only a few spots left!

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