Academic and Vocational Information Counsellor

New Frontiers School Board |
Ormstown & Huntingdon, QC | Seasonal / Contract


Nature of the Work

The position of academic and vocational information counsellor encompasses, in particular, responsibility for providing information, advice, help and guidance to students in the youth and adult sectors to help them become familiar with academic and career paths so as to make informed choices.

Some Characteristic Duties

The academic and vocational information counsellor participates in developing and implementing an academic and vocational information service that meets the academic and administrative requirements of both the educational institutions and the school board.

He or she guides the student in preparing his or her educational path, helps the student in identifying his or her needs and analyzes the student’s record, while taking into account his or her aptitudes and interests.

He or she prepares and conducts, with a multidisciplinary team, awareness, information and training activities intended for students so as to arouse their interest in the labour market, to motivate them in school and to assess the achievement of objectives.

He or she acts as resource person for the guidance-oriented approach and helps the education community to set up the activities associated with this approach.

He or she plans, organizes and conducts academic and vocational information activities: conferences, industrial visits and information evenings; he or she works with other staff members to prepare and publish brochures and guides; he or she ensures the organization and operation of a documentation centre on the education community, career options and the labour market; he or she finds, analyzes and places, at the disposal of students, references, databanks and online directories.

He or she ensures the analysis, evaluation, coding and, if necessary, adaptation of academic and vocational information intended for students; he or she keeps abreast of labour market developments and programs, using, in particular, research and document review.

He or she establishes and maintains relationships and collaboration with representatives of the labour market, educational institutions and other organizations that could be involved in providing guidance to students; he or she promotes the activities and courses offered and responds to internal and external information requests.

He or she informs and supports students in filling out applications for programs and financial aid. He or she prepares and updates files according to the rules defined by the school board.


A bachelor’s degree in an appropriate specialty, notably:

  • academic and vocational counselling;
  • guidance counselling.

Board Requirements

Knowledge of Adult and Vocational clientele
Knowledge of funding workflows (Emploi-Québec and such)
Knowledge of GRICS systems (JADE-Tosca and
Knowledge of Student Loan systems


$40,162 to $ 73,945, in conformity with the salary scales set by the MEHE.

Place of Work

CVCEC – Ormstown

HAECC – Huntingdon

Immediate Supervisor

Centre Director

Work Schedule

35 hrs /week: Monday to Thursday 8h00– 16h00

CVCEC – 2 days/week & HAECC – 3 days/week

Effective : Immediately, until the return of the person being replaced

How to Apply

Apply online